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The Listening God

21st February - 14th March

The great spokesperson for God called Jonah, struggled with what God was like. He listens to far too many people even the worst peopleIn fact its not just that he listens he actually cares for them.

For Jonah it wasn't that God doesn't listen, its that he listens too much! 

Experience a better story

18th April - 30th May

2021 and the bible still is the best guide for life, answers our deepest questions, and shows us the story which is a better story, God's story. 

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Life Hacks

6th June - 27th June

Sometimes we need the obvious things to be stated but sometimes the obvious things aren't so obvious! The bibles book of wisdom will help you in day to day life to live better, with God. 

Food and faith

4th July - 1st August

Jesus ate with the, poor and the prostitute, the rich and the righteous, the sinner and the saint. It was never boring! Find out about the real Jesus as he talked over a meal with people just like you.

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Walking like Jesus

5th Sep - 31st Oct

One of Jesus closest friends knew what the life lived with God looked like. There are no pretty roses in this letter but a realistic look at suffering, hope and the cross of Jesus.

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